Volume XI

Winter 2015 (Volume XI, Issue II)

The Winter 2015 edition features the following articles:

  • The Need for Radical Reconstruction: Meridan, Mississippi (Bogdan Belei, University of Michigan)
  • Rhyolite, Nevada: The Rhetoric of a Ghost Town (Lydia Cornett, Princeton University)
  • Waving Red Books: Murray’s Handbook and the British Traveler (Jaime Ding, Princeton University)
  • From Bells to Blindfolds: Differing Conceptualizations of Justice from Mughal, India, to British Colonial Rule  (Emma Fallone, Yale University)
  • Entranced by Exotics: An Exploration of Commonalities in Commercialization, of and Fascination with, Exotic Animals in the Early Modern Period and the Modern World (Emily Frantz, Stanford University)
  • The Pergamon Altar in Wilhelmine Context: The Cultural and Imperial Ambition of the NewGerman Empire (Christopher Hunt, University of Michigan)
  • Gangs Running Politics: The Role of Irish Social Athletic Clubs in Politics, and Radical Violence in Chicago from 1900-1920 (Ethan James Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
  • For Duty and Glory: Mazzini’s Justification for Italian Colonial Expansion (Catalina Mackaman-Lofland, Barnard College)
  • Snatching Bodies, Making Doctors: Stealing Black Corpses for Medical Education in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century American South (Scott Nelson, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
  • Paris and the History of French Cuisine (Reyna Schaechter, Yale University)
  • The Wrong Man (Elizabeth Villarreal, Yale University)
  • The Roads They Had Taken: Polish Jewish Refugees in the Soviet Union During World War II (Brody Weinrich, Rice University)

Fall 2014 (Volume XI, Issue I)

The Fall 2014 edition features the following articles:

  • Compromised Defense – The Conquests of Basil II (Michael Goodyear, University of Chicago)
  • Buffalo Extermination: 1865-1883 (Heather Kirkpatrick, University of Michigan)
  • Bourgeois Espionage: The Bureau of Secret Intelligence During World War I and the State Department’s Battle with Modernity (Sam Kleinman, Georgetown University)
  • “I Do What I Can for Organization:” Lincoln the Campaigner in 1860 (William Redmond, Georgetown University)
  • The Roaring Nineties: Privatization and the Mongolian Stock Exchange (Nicolas Sambor, Columbia University)
  • A Shift in Philosophy: The American Jewish Congress and the Fight to End Discrimination in Stuyvesant Town, New York (Gregory Segal, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Misreading Shadows: Elusive Victory, Enigmatic Defeat: The USSR, The US, Egypt, and Israel During the “War of Attrition,” 1969-1970 (Matthew Schweitzer, University of Chicago)
  • The Demise of Chene Street: Urban Crisis in Detroit’s Lower East Side (Christopher White, University of Michigan)
  • “Stand Down Margaret, Please Stand Down:” Musical and Political Opposition to the Conservative Government (1979-1990) (Cecily Zander, University of Virginia)
  • Insights into the Early 20th Century Debate Vivisection Via The Case of Udo J. Wile (Jacob Ziff, University of Michigan)